One Free Coffee Every Day at Booths UK

Want to save some money on coffee? Here’s a quick tip on one of the offers at Booths UK.

I am one of those coffee addicts and spend quite a lot of coffees every day outside home. Sometimes the expense of coffee really adds up every month and still I buy them.

This was something that I was aware of from long time but did not bother to really look in to. I used to stay at MediaCity UK for a year and there a place called Booths that i visit frequently for groceries. The good thing in Booths is that you can get a free coffee at booths every day. How? We’ll explore it in this blog post.

How to get a free Coffee Every Day at Booths UK?

Free coffee everyday? Are you kidding? – This was my question when i heard this first time. Booth supermarket has actually initiated this few years ago and started offering free coffee each for their customers (who have Booths card) when you bring your own reusable cup.

This can be latte, cappuccino or even a decaf.

Follow the below steps to get a free coffee every day at Booths UK

1. You will need to sign up for a Booths card. You can simply pick up a Booths card leaflet in-store and send the filled form by post. Alternatively, the leaflet contains the membership number which you can use to make an online application for the membership card. You would receive the membership card in few weeks.

2. Once you receive the card, ensure that you present it to the billing section along with your 12oz reusable cup to claim your free coffee.

3. In case, you don’t have the re-usable cup, you can buy it at the Booths store or online as it would cost very less to buy one.

You can know more details about the Booths supermarket free coffee offer at

Give a try and let us know how your experience was with the Booth’s free coffee offer.

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